How to Avoid Migraine Headache

miraneMigraines are not a good thing, whether they strike at home or in the workplace. Having migraines at home is more convenient than in the workplace. The simple reason for this argument is that all the remedies for this problem are usually at home. When the condition becomes a workplace nuisance, how can the employee or employer cope? Should one ask for a day off to treat the condition? Are there ways of making life more bearable for both the victim and co-workers? Here are a few tips on how to avoid migraine headache triggers at work.

Several Migraine Triggers and How to Avoid Them

1. Smells and scents
According to several studies, strong odors such as colognes and perfumes are migraine triggers. Therefore, wearing too much perfume can be a distraction in the workplace. Since not everybody will like someone else perfume, it is advisable to use perfumes in moderation. Nowadays, some companies have started implementing fragrance policies. If your company is yet to adopt one, find a way of sensitizing the team the need to consider others when using fragrance; you would also want to be treated the same if you are sensitive to perfume.

2. Lighting
For some people, some types of lighting can cause migraines. Computer monitors (older ones), strobe lights, and fluorescent lights are all cited as triggers of the problem. The good news is that a few changes in the workplace can reduce the effect of lights on migrainers. The management should reduce flicker on fluorescent lights through proper maintenance. In addition, all the lights should be properly positioned and provided adequately. In case of the computer, it is important to eliminate flicker from the computer screen. Regular breaks from the computer can also help migrainers. Brightly colored walls can also be a serious problem for people that suffer from migraines. The employer should minimize the brightness on walls by using matt finishes. Pictures, plants, and posters are also excellent break ups for plain walls.

3. Stress and Anxiety

Stress is a major migraines trigger in some people. In the workplace environment, stress can arise due to anything that introduces change that you must respond. Some common causes of stress in the workplace include confrontations, money issues, deadlines, and constant movement. Luckily, there are several ways of coping with stress in the workplace. You can avoid this migraine trigger by;
a) Learning how to relax in the event of a stressing situation
b) Asserting your opinions and beliefs to your workmates
c) Asking for assistance from colleagues
d) Finding ways of enhancing your self esteem
e) Lowering your expectations about events in the workplace

Triggers of migraines vary from person to person. Therefore, it is difficult to list all the ways of how to avoid migraine headache triggers at work. However, it is important that employers provide a good working environment for all people, despite their disabilities or shortcomings. This includes making sure migrainers are comfortable at work. If you suffer from migraines because of triggers you can identify, the best remedy is to avoid them. The employer may prevent some of the triggers but not all. Learn about your triggers, and use the tips given here to avoid them.

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Using Exercise to Bust Anxiety

workout for anxietyStudies found exercise to be one of the easiest ways to improve mood, reduces stress and break the hold of anxiety. Simply moving causes an increase in blood flow. More intense activity generates endorphins, pleasurable hormones known to lessen the effects of anxiety throughout the body.

Doing as little as 20 minutes of cardiovascular activity will perk up someone’s mood by altering the chemistry within their brains. A person using exercise as a supplement to their anxiety treatment needs to focus on consistency, variety and enjoyment.

Keep On Going

The first step can be the hardest, but all the steps afterwards create an environment within the body for deep and lasting change. As with anything, doing an activity a single time or once every two weeks brings about little to no change what so ever. A person embarking on an exercise program to help with their anxiety does not have to complete a marathon. Making a commitment to pursuing a regular program is key.

The body recognizes the visual, physical and environmental cues when an individual starts exercising. When sensing these cues, the body then release hormones which target the person’s pleasure receptors causing a heightened sense of euphoria. The best way to trigger this sensation and reduce stress is by exercising on a regular basis.

It Spices Things Up

Doing things repeatedly will bring about a level of expertise with activities like running or lifting weights or hiking. While proficiency and efficiency are good things, it can cause a sense of drudgery or dread and neither of these will decrease someone’s anxiety. Finding new outlets gives a person the freedom to fit exercise into their life and not the other way around.

While endurance activities generate a long release of endophins that stay in the system longer, meditative stretching provided by yoga or pilates opens the body and mind to a peaceful state.

Weight lifting or other high intensity workouts can jump start the exerciser’s energy breaking them from the doldrums triggered by anxiety. Trying a mix of exercises to shatter barriers and keep the experience lively.

Focus on Fun

Enjoyment can seem miles away for someone struggling with anxiety. They can feel like they do not have a right to embrace a good time and struggle to set aside time for themselves. The most important thing is exercise should be fun because people stick with pleasurable activities.

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Most people take the approach with exercise of working or marking it off a to do list. A task approach sucks the joy from exercise creating even more stress seeing the note on the list.

Trying several activities and selecting favorites is the best approach. Someone battling stress should decide if they like running or riding an exercise bike or being in a kick boxing class and then grant themselves the freedom to give up the things they do not enjoy. They will have greater results by doing exercises they like.

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No single answer to resolving anxiety exists, but exercise can play a key role. It is important to be flexible, find the right activities and have a good time. Changing brain and body responses to stress bring about the largest leaps forward. Starting can be hardest and the most rewarding.

The Stages Of Sleep

Perhaps, you have heard that you normally progress through a series of sleep stages. But what does that mean exactly? There is actually still a lot going on in your head when you sleep. The activity in the brain marks the different sleeping stages. Studies of human sleep have shown that it usually progress through series of stages whereby various brain wave patterns are displayed. Sleep should be a natural process and when you’re having problems falling asleep, you can buy ambien online. This is a prescription that will help you with your sleep disorder.

sleep stagesStage One: Introduction Sleep

The introduction sleep is often observed through watching a person’s head nod when listening to a boring lecture. It’s marked by slowing down of brain activity, and starting of muscle relaxation. You may easily awake at this stage, the reason you find yourself jumping awake for no apparent reason.

Stage Two: Beginning of Sleep

There’s further slowing of muscle and brain activity at this stage. It can be best described in this manner: you have been sleeping in your bed for some 15-30 minutes, and suddenly the phone rings. Whereas you might regret being bothered in your sleep, you’re easily able to answer it and unless you inform the person who called that you’re asleep, they are not going to know. You quickly become attentive and are able to converse clearly.

Stage Three and Four: Slow Wave Sleep

In these stages, muscle and brain activity significantly decrease. In the following example, you’re now asleep in your bed for some 45 minutes and your phone rings. You manage to fumble for it and you finally answer it. A person calling you is going to know instantly that they’ve awakened you. You’re groggy and find it hard engaging in conversation

Stage Five: Rapid Eye Movement

Rapid eye movement (REM) is that time of sleep dreaming occurs. During this stage, the brain is quite active and yet, with exception of the lungs and heart, your body muscles are paralyzed. The muscle paralysis has remarkable implications for sleep suffocation or sleep apnea sufferers. Because they experience paralysis or complete relaxation of the muscles in REM sleep, their airways may completely easily collapse. Most crucially, these individuals have far more challenge resuming their normal breathing after their airway has collapsed.

The Sequence of Sleep Stages

However, it’s vital to realize that sleep doesn’t progress through the above stages in sequence. Sleep starts in stage one, and progresses into stage two and three. After the third stage of sleep, the second stage is repeated before finally you enter into REM sleep. Once the REM sleep is over, your body will normally return to the second stage sleep. Your sleep will cycle through the stages for approximately 4 to 5 times throughout the night.

Averagely, we enter the REM sleep stage about 90 minutes after we fall asleep. The first cycle of the REM sleep may last only for a short amount of time. However, each of the sleep cycle will become longer. As sleep progresses, REM sleep may last up to one hour.

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